Anne Marie Tymlin Dramatherapist

Bereavement Specialist – Creative Arts Therapist

Anne Marie Tymlin

Bereavement Specialist & Creative Arts Therapist

My name is Anne Marie Tymlin and I am a Dramatherapist and a Bereavement Specialist.  Over the years I have supported hundreds of children and families to resolve their feelings around issues such as family grief and loss. I have worked as an eTutor facilitating teacher CPD. I regularly host Creative Workshops in person and online on topics such as self-care, personal development and mindful approaches to relaxation and stress management.

What I Do

Bereavement Support

As a therapist I offer a chance for adults and children to process the difficulties they may face during times of change, loss, and bereavement. Talking to a professional therapist can be a valuable decision as we are specialists in our field.

Creative Arts Therapy

I have developed and delivered CPD programmes to teachers on subjects that are practical and supportive for their position. My programmes include personal development for teachers, bereavement information and self-care for carers.

Online Therapy

I provide online individual and group therapy for adults who are looking for support at times of stress. This support is confidential and non-judgmental. I include creative activities and mindfulness for personal development and relaxation.


Anne Marie is an invaluable resource.Her professionalism, diligence, and commitment to the children in our school is immeasurable. Her expertise in children’s therapy was hugely beneficial as was her support for staff and myself. Her expertise in bereavement is essential as this is one of the areas of intense trauma that young people experience.

Anne Marie has provided fantastic emotional and therapeutic support to children She enabled them to better understand their feelings and to regulate their emotions. She has supported children, parents, and staff after bereavements. She has a wealth of knowledge regarding how to best support children and families following a bereavement.

Anne Marie has supported and developed a trusting, caring and positive relationship with pupils through her positive and insightful approaches on issues in relation to self -esteem, wellbeing, bereavement, communication. She is an excellent support to the whole school community and her influence is reaching out to pupils and their families throughout our locality.

Anne Marie has provided Dramatherapy service to young people in our SCP for over 14 years. She is empathic, understanding, and professional, helping our young people to manage the most difficult of emotional challenges from family bereavement to behavioural struggles. She works with these challenges with a kindness that is unique.


The Path Taken
The Path Taken

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A Mothers Story.
A Mothers Story.

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